Shuumatsu no Harem - 02 - 1080p WEB HEVC -NanDesuKa (B-Global).mkv :: Nyaa ISS

Shuumatsu no Harem - 02 - 1080p WEB HEVC -NanDesuKa (B-Global).mkv

2022-01-14 17:32 UTC
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[**Shuumatsu no Harem - 02 - Two Women**]( ___ **Information**: - **Audio**: Japanese - **Subtitles**: English, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese - **CRC32**: 0B4CC00B [MediaInfo]( ___ In case of any issues with the file, please let us know. **Seeding after downloading is appreciated.** ___ **Discord now open to public.** [Discord]( | [Website](

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  • Shuumatsu no Harem - 02 - 1080p WEB HEVC -NanDesuKa (B-Global).mkv (645.8 MiB)
@ desolate-master ...probably not the ep 1 they posted last week that was supposedly un-censored, was horribly censored if I were you, I would wait for the version jackie puts out ... ofall the versions of ep 1 that came out last week, that was the only one that was uncensored AND didnot have garbage subs or that the timing of the subs was WAY off

NanDesuKa (uploader)

[@komugi]( I'll need you to send me a bit of whatever you're on rn [@desolate-master]( B-Global is mentioned in the name, this isn't AT-X
Cr one is. The at-x one is uncensored.
@komugi Ignorance is a bless.
Komugi seems to be ESL, and also probably new to this torrenting thing and confused by all the different releases, nothing weird.Confusion seems to be the natural state for a lot of people who don't have experience with pirating uncensored AT.-X ecchi
Nice joint... Do shared some, based^2 @komugi... Ohy is the only one ripping ATX... Noiceeee
For this show aside from ohy's release nandesuka & caps-chan also providing stream at-x version
Whem talking different releases, I mean subs since Komugi doesn't care about raws. obviously. Put together censored and uncensored sub releases and there's a lot (Nandesuka censored (which has two versions itself: B-global and CR), Nadesuka uncensored, Jackie, SP, Erai). I can see how it can get confusing to know which one has the best subs and is uncensored if you aren't used to pirating and don't know how to read the release titles