Rules :: Nyaa ISS

Site Rules

Breaking any of the rules on this page may result in being banned

Shitposting and Trolling: Your account will be banned if you keep this up. This includes, but is not limited to, racial, religious, political topics. Just be nice.

Making inaccurate/false reports: Your account will be banned if you keep this up.

Bumping: Your account will be banned if you keep deleting and reposting your torrents.

Flooding: If you have five or more releases of the same type to release in one go, make a batch torrent containing all of them.

URL redirection services: These are removed on sight along with their torrents.

Advertising: No.

Content restrictions: This site is for content that originates from and/or is specific to China, Japan, and/or Korea.

Other content is not allowed without exceptions and will be removed.

The above content restrictions for anime are defined by the content having an AniDB listing. is for work-safe content only. The following rules apply: is the place for non-work-safe content only. Still, the following rules apply:

Torrent information: Text files (.txt) or info files (.nfo) for torrent or release group information are preferred.

Torrents containing (.chm) or (.url) files may be removed.

Upper limits on video resolution based on source:

Naturally, untouched sources are not bound by these limits. Leaks are also not subject to any resolution limits.

Finally, a few notes concerning tagging and using other people's work: