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Xavier's Retimed JP Sub Pack v01 (425 Titles)

2018-06-05 14:33 UTC
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1.3 GiB
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Hey to all the Japanese learners of Nyaa! This is my pet project I've been working on for a long time. Basically it's a huge (1.4 GB) pack of pre-timed Japanese subtitles for a whole bunch of different anime (425 in this first version). I took subtitles from kitsunekko as well as from my own rips of Netflix and Bandai Channel and retimed them all with kaegi's Aligner, renamed them, and put them each in their own folders. All you have to do is download the indicated fansub release to the right directory and the subs are right there, ready to go. Obviously I don't have every anime in existence with Japanese subs available, but I imagine this will still be a big time-saver for a lot of people, especially those just starting out learning Japanese. Anyway, here you go! All I ask is if you have any questions, read the readme. DDL link: https://mega.nz/#!Mt100Q7B!HojFJHK4WVp0n9tcNlsStyHlOsXAd1Izoj-eippEuUc P.S. In the off-chance you don't know what a .7z file is, it's an archive file - you can extract its contents with a file manager like 7-Zip or WinRar.

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  • Xavier's Retimed JP Sub Pack v01 (425 Titles).7z (1.3 GiB)

XavierSylfaen (uploader)

Sure thing! Much appreciated.
Thank you so much!
Kitsunekko has been down for three days now and I am so close to the 20.000 word mark ;_; even though your package doesnt have too much moe I believe it's enough to get me across that line!
if somebody have kitsunekko backup please upload here https://mega.nz/#!zI91EQRR!bxjJQ7550bh6vaTRjW6zYrWSvJNI9NDAybm820JKyPc (kitsunekkoBACKUP) - Can somebody upload please this here? will seed untill my HDD die. P.S its kinda old backup sadly and will have couple viruses but any generic antivirus will handle them.