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[OECUF0] Dragon Ball - OPENING [BDREMUX 1080p DTS-HD AB VIDEO 2022].mkv

2022-11-26 11:21 UTC
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Support their work. https://www.anime-store.fr/as/Dragon-Ball-Partie-1-Edition-Collector-Coffret-Bluray-produit-video-8258.html [MediaInfo](https://oecuf.xyz/wp-content/uploads/mediainfo_dbop.txt) ![](https://oecuf.xyz/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/db_OrgStillRaw.png)

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  • [OECUF0] Dragon Ball - OPENING [BDREMUX 1080p DTS-HD AB VIDEO 2022].mkv (350.9 MiB)
Looks incredible! Can't wait to compare to SOM's final release. Thank you!
Beautiful. This is what SV should have done, but since they didn't screw 'em.
Wow I love it CC and Upscaled nicely! Thank you!
Small comparison Selecta Vision / AB Video: https://imgsli.com/MTM2MzIy https://imgsli.com/MTM2MzIz https://imgsli.com/MTM2MzI0 https://imgsli.com/MTM2MzI1
It looks so much better than SV Release. The black lines are much thinner and the colour correction is more accurate.
Took 'em just two months, apparently.
Definitely gonna be the best way to watch Dragon Ball!!
seems to be a lot of dark detail loss, even compared to SV
In the comments for another torrent I made a comment about a screenshot of bulma from the AB video upscale compared to the Dragon Box. Basically her face looks horrible from black lines of the drawing being thinned out. https://nyaa.iss.one/view/1605205#com-12 It’s a shame since the AB video has retained the grain and detail (which SV didn’t do which resulted in blotchiness which you can see at the bottom right quarter of the AB/SV frame comparison of master Roshi uploaded by lorentzo59), and the AB video would otherwise look good if they didn’t thin out all the black lines and other things as well. Goku’s face also looks very weak in lorentzo59’s frame comparison from the weak black lines like his nose, similar to how Bulma's face looks weak in the AB/DBox comparison from the other comment I made.
Are you saying they made the black lines thinner on purpose?
I cannot believe you mecha-virgins are going to just apply those colors to the same dvd bricks from 35 years ago or whatever. I'm going to end up buying this release if you guys wont upload it because you prefer the digusting blocky garbled nonsense of 480p Get ya eyes checked out son, all of you.
April isn't for another 5 months
@mrbean I'm sorry about the single frame that ruins the entire release.
@FlyingToaster Bro seriously the dragon box even cc is old and outdated looks like shit.
Who cares about having no detail loss if its so damn blurry you cant make out the details anyway? I just cannot understand it. Is it a money issue or a stubborn nerd issue?
@FlyingToaster Definitely Dudes with super vision and too much time on thier hands to go through every frame instead of actually enjoying the show.
Let me serenade you with my anus
They don't have any vision, they have giant untouched-penis cataracts and clearly do not watch these things on an actual tv. Just saying. It's literally current year, stop trying to make dvd look better. Just stitch all the audio to these as they release. When Nigmo?
The way Nigmo did SV was fuckin beautiful I wonder how it would his Dragon Ball would look compared to this
I'm not super cereal about the language but I do kinda start to drool and weep for humanity when I see people arguing about any release that isnt out of print dvds. Can I hear what the definitive release looks like instead of yet another gripe? What is the goal? To usurp Geets and bang Bulma IRL? To hit your head and live a coma fantasy of being the newest half breed sayain? The cringe. It's killing me slowly. I beg you. Settle on a vision. Achieve it. Think it, dream it, do it. lol. Good night and good luck.